1. MinioN

    Urban Legends - Ghosts

    I was searching for fun site and i get in site where i found "scary" videos and i found this http://www.bored.com/scaryvideos/60.html It can be Adobe After Effects "effect" or it can be real?
  2. Alteh

    The Urban Ninja

    Found it kinda funny. http://www.thatvideosite.com/view/280.html
  3. suicidal_maniac

    Teh Urban Dictionary o/

    We had a lot of fun with this site on IRC. See what funny definitions you can find on the site \o/ http://www.urbandictionary.com/
  4. Packed Lunch


    make a piccolo with the white turban and armour plz, or is that being made already?
  5. ultrassj_vegeta

    question about the piccolo model

    will the piccolo model hav his cape?