1. Chakra-X

    Chakra-X's Uranium Flash

    I am working on a flash video for school about Uranium and I need a (decent)voice actor or 2 to voice 2 scientista (two men involved in the history of Uranium) because my voice just ain't suited for that type...So if you think you can do a good scintist-old-man voice, post a sample (which would...
  2. NeLo

    They Did It Again! ABC News Smuggles Depleted Uranium into US!

    Ok check it guys. ABC smuggles a harmless depleted uranium peace to see if HomeLand Security would catch it. Turns out ABC did this b4 and had succeeded and Homeland was pissed and they got all defensive about it n what not cuz they got caught with their pants down heh. Anyway, turns out ABC...