1. Flying Dutchman

    New aura < flowing upwards >

    Allright, tell me what you think, do we like the current default aura ? I`ve got an idea for a new one, with his permission ofcourse, darksuns aura could be used as a model, but the nice thing would be an animated skin, it flows up constantly like in the show, i don`t know if it is possible...
  2. Ultra33Gokussj3

    New Bojac Trunks

    Well , i had started my work on bojac trunks , its nearly finished , exept (hair and bones) , i need Sin Goku to assigne the bones for me , gimme critz please exept hair and that nothing s holding the sword ok Heres pic:(undone)
  3. Death The Jedi

    Found vertex with invalid bone assignment....

    whenever I try to export my model, it says "Found vertex with invalid bone assignment". All the vertexes are assigned to bones.. so can anyone help me out here?
  4. DareDevil

    Half-Life Poly Count?

    I was just wondering what is the Max Polys a model in Half-Life can have? I know that in Quake 3 it can support over 1000 but thats Quake lol. Thnx :id:
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