1. Skyrider

    Forum updated to the latest version.

    I've updated the forums to the latest version of vBulletin. I've recently heard that the forums have somewhat slow-down issues where going to threads/making new ones actually takes quite some time. In order to improve that, I had to update the forums while I'll be searching a bit deeper what...
  2. Skyrider

    Forum updated to vB 4.1.8

    If you find any issues, please let me know!
  3. Skyrider

    Forum updated - Added new looks & features

    Today I've updated the forums to the latest version. Along with that, I've added 3 new things. - New avatar/profile looks at the left side of each post. I've done this to make the looks better than the previous style. It's blue to match with the main forum style of the forums. - Default...
  4. J

    Kudos to the ESF team

    Wow I haven't viewed this site in forever but then I look at the front page. It looks like almost a totally different game. And you guys are still using Half Life and it looks like you guys updated to the Half Life 2 engine and the new melee looking GODLIKE. Wow dude theres so much I want...
  5. Skyrider

    PoTW: New Hud! - Updated

    For those who are interested to see a small preview of the new ESF HUD, go check out the image below. It comes out pretty nicely I must say. And for those who have no idea what the green bar is with ST on it, it is the Stamina bar. And thank David for this great HUD! W.I.P (Work In Progress)...
  6. Prozac

    US world of warcraft players, I need your help (Updated)

    To make a thread in the hunter section on the US boards it's a thread orginaly posted in the European boards and it's actually pretty good. So I wanted to share it with the American players and hear their feedback Title: "Idea how to fix hunter dps in raids." [-i]Repost from the European...
  7. donnierisk

    HL updated

    Hello, I just went into steam and my HL is being updated again! Does it get updated often? Are your Half-Life's also getting updated or is it only me!? Oh well, sorry for almost useless topic O_o
  8. [ESF]zero

    Updated my journal

    updated my journal so have a look :) http://www.esforces.com/index.php?p=journals&u=zero
  9. D

    Update needed i am updated!!!

    I just got esfv1.2.3 and it tells me my half life version is out of date or my esf version is out of date. WTF! I checked using sierra update it says hl is up to date and everything. Does it matter that I'm running it outside steam? I have steam installed but haven't run hl thru steam yet.... It...
  10. imkongkong

    omGADS zero updated yet again!

    OMG zero say you'll add capsule corp on some buildings! or that very big tv on the building with mr satans face on it or something =p
  11. F

    WHY YOU DELETE IT? AFRAID OF THE TRUTH? (updated bottom)

    ok well i didnt say you were **** tards because u wernt proting it.. is ad that because you wont let anybody else port it even though you wont... thats just *** i mean i enjoyed this mod alot but the hl engine is old now hl2 is out and people are willing to spend the time porting this mod but...
  12. P

    client.dll error (updated to latest 1.2 BETA)

    I recently updated to the newest version of ESforces, and I am getting a client.dll error on every server. Since this isn't a problem with me having an older version, I was wondering if there was some other reason for this.
  13. Mr. Satans

    ESF Attack/Item Giver [UPDATED]

    Hey guys, decided I'd update my attack giver plugin for ESF v1.2b, only had to add telekenesis but ahh what the hell, huh? :P It's meant for AMX Mod X but will work under AMX Mod. HOW TO USE: amx_attack_esf [Part of Nick] [Attack/Item/All] For example: amx_attack_esf Satan all will give...
  14. D

    *Updated* My List Of Possible Characters

    no offence to the possible charcters below but all that stuff is confusing and not that unique this would be my list Good Guys: Goku Adult Gohan Piccollo Chibi Trunks(sword gets on my nerves) Dende(if theirs some kind of team battle later on (healing ability) Older Krillin(with hair) so...
  15. B

    Is ESF 1.2 outline updated?

    Just asking when ESF 1.2 outline updated last time? Those same things have been there about 2month. Is it really possible that there is still that much work? EDIT: Is this thread like "whens is it out" that it will be closed and there is no answer?
  16. T

    After reinstalling HL and updated the game to

    After reinstalling HL and updated the game to the lasest version everytime, I go on a server in ESF it says Game is out of date when it is not help plz. Also i install Steam with a clean install, so i could play CS 1.6 though steam which is the only place you can play it so it also install HL in...
  17. Halorin

    Halorin's updated melee concept.

    Alright, now.. Here's a little disclaimer: Most of these ideas are my own, but certain things like the charged swooping and the melee powerstruggles are just ideas I took my take on that I've seen from other people. I don't know exactly who had the charged swoop idea, but thanks. Also, I've...
  18. D

    How to get your esf version updated

    How in the world do I get esf to udate? It used to update by itself through steam, but I had to reinstall steam because it got all wacked out. Now ESF won't update. [SIZE=4]I NEED TO UPDATE TO SEE THE NEW MELEE SYSTEM!! HELP PLEASE![/SIZE] :cry:
  19. TAz00

    harSens updated FGD, with model rendering for VHE 3.5b

    Ok me and Mr. Satan edited the Fgd to make it display models with the 3.5b. Actually he did the code, and i fixed it :laff: Come to think of it that code was quite long... So heres a file for u TMS_ESF.FGD Right click save as is most effective here...
  20. G

    My new map esf_highwayplanes

    Hey made new map plz comment it , ill just post some screens for now http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map/esf_highwayplanes0008.JPG http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map/esf_highwayplanes0009.JPG http://users.pandora.be/Goes/map/esf_highwayplanes0010.JPG oh yea max r_speeds i noted were 650 or...
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