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    Max 8 UV Unwrap help plz.

    Im havig some trouble with Max 8 UV unwrapping. I'm trying to unwrap a model I made, but for some reason the auto-unwrapping isnt working. http://img456.imageshack.us/img456/7403/wtf0lz.jpg Anybody can help me please?
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    What program to unwrap?

    I'm using this tutorial to try and learn how to skin. It says i need Unwrap 3d so i downloaded it. But Unwrap 3d says it doens't support ms3d models so what program should i use. edit: thanks tryforce it worked
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    You know when you're skinning an esf model do you use current tool that you downloaded are do you use paint shop pros tools? :shocked:
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    Too many modifiers! (Skin help)

    I'm skinnig, using 3ds max 4... Okay after I set one uvwmap and a uvw unwrap, you have edit save etcetc... I'm sure you would want to save it right? as the uvw for that part... also... After I'm done skinning something I have about a bagillion modifiers! Such as edit mesh, edit mesh, edit...