1. Mkilbride

    A...most unusual police case.

    *link removed* Wow...must've been quite sexually frustrated.
  2. J

    Very Unusual problem

    First of all,yes I'm using steam Yes,I'm using version 1.2.3 No,I'm not trying to run add-ons I've installed ESF into Half Life I am not behind a router or firewall Yes,my drivers are up to date I'll get to the error message in a bit... ------------------------------------...
  3. Cold Steel

    Screen in an unusual shape.

    Ok i suppose most of you know tgw_cloud_palace, i want to do something cool with the dimentional door, from the lookout to the rosat. I want to make a screen in the shape of a door, so when you go to the door, you see the rosat, this way it looks a little more realistic(the camera will be...
  4. M

    i found something unusual

    i was vegeta i shot a galic gun to a bot, it block struggle, while stilll block struggling i decided to change character, when i choce goku , i was still block struggling with a galic gun beam with goku. when the bot shot back the gatlic beam back i cheak out the attacks and all of the attacks...