1. VideoJinx


    Until now. I was going through my old folders.. and among all these old models/photoshop files.. I find old videos I never put out.. becuz i didn't finish them ^_^.. and before you know it.. esf died and now I have all these unreleased vids.. So.. i thought why not share this one because...
  2. TwisteR

    ESF Model Credits

    I think it would be a good idea if someone made this a sticky I know that when some people dont give the proper credits, the real moddeler gets mad. And when the model editors use something of one of the esf models they say something like "credit goes to the moddeler of vegeta" or goku or...
  3. grOOvy

    Permission of Owners: NEW RULE!

    -12th June, 2003- The moderation/admin team of the ESF forums have talked over this and here is a new rule for all new releases as well as the WIP. :notice: Every model edit made or posted on the forums must be approved by the express permission of the original model maker. :notice: If...
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