1. D

    unofficial 1.3 picture thread

    well i just thought i would make a thread for pics/videos... i havnt been able to get my hands on any so hoping to see them here... (seems like esf-world hasnt updated in ages) so yea would be apreticated.
  2. Optimus Prime

    DBZ Movie - Unofficial Poster *NEW*

    It is unofficial, however, I think it has a chance. <a href="">Unofficial Poster #2</a>
  3. MickeyG

    Unofficial: Namek Map Contest

    the rules are: - Don't steal from others (or rip or something else) - Map must be big.. - 7 item_dragonball entities or more - 4 or more spawn points thats about it... the contest starts @ 27/11/03 or 11/27/03 (how some write it) and stoppes @ 12/12/03 all the maps will be send...
  4. JeS

    Teh Unofficial Screenshot Thread!!!

    Hey everyone, I figured these forums could use a screenshots thread instead of people makin new threads for their screens. :) Here's mine:
  5. thor

    good map

    its good but needs to be lighter and put more detail in it and it will be great also make the stadium seats higher