1. john_volkov

    Underworld 2 Evolution

    So what did you think about underworld ?
  2. imkongkong

    WIP: Underworld Tournament

    I'm almost happy with snakeway, just waiting for a response from Cold and if i can make tweaks so it will be less laggy. Anyways, started an underworld tournament map. I can't stop mapping ahah :talk: anyways, here are some pictures. Any modelers would like to model me the four kais...
  3. N

    Underworld Or House of The Dead!

    What one Should i go SEE?
  4. O


    Has anyone seen the movie Underworld?????? I guarantee that movie is #1 now in the box office. I like drooled when i saw the movie, it amazed me, not just the action, but the storyline & the special effects!! I'm going to see it again and again until it comes out to buy. I wont stop watching...
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