1. J

    WOW ummmm

    wow wtf its bin WEEKS and esf world is still down
  2. R

    ummmm, help?

    i could download the patch just fine, but when i run the installer, the program just stops while checking for previous components and it is "not responding" SOME1 HELP MEEEEE:cry: :cry: :cry: :shocked:
  3. Twysta

    Model Request

    Yesterday i downloaded adult gohan model to replace gohan (it is AWESOME :shocked:) but then I relized that I have adult gohan and future trunks which doesnt make sense and i'm all about having things as much like the show as possible so my model request is for someone to make a chibi trunks...
  4. P

    Goku ssj very first stage of making

    here it is if clicking on it doesnt work just copy and paste it. Also give me advice
  5. S


    Can someone plz tell me if this mod works with half-life game of the year edition? because it is not working forr me
  6. DaKD

    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    SSJ3 Goku Update This is my edit of the SSJ goku model made by Vassago Plz Crit
  7. K

    reference pics

    i was wondrin if sum1 could make a sticky for people to post urls for reference pics, so anyone can put sum pics up and then we could hav comunal referencing, it would make it a lot easier and also get rid/reduce the number of reference pic posts... just a suggestion