1. K

    Ummm... Tips please?

    Can someone make a tutorial how to create those models and stuff, what FREE program can i use to do that?
  2. Panzer

    ummm.... sorry if this has been said befor

    I want to help with coding. I know C++ but I have never done anything with what i have learned.
  3. Damaera

    Ummm wtf?

    Well last night I was playing ESF (FINNALY!!) And then like this guy joined. And he's like... Hey Goten, 1.2 is released. And I'm like really? And he's like yeah.... Check esfworld. So I checked it and it was EVM 1.2 So I'm really confused...
  4. D


    Ive seen all these post about ripping and editing and all that anyway Say Mr. Smo relases a new model and says no editing and some one else relases it and edits it what happens to them?
  5. K

    ummm.... yea

    hey i have a big time question for all the people out there that are huge computer freaks witch know like..... everything about computers. ok here we go then. My friend has a compaq pc and he wanted to reinstall windows xp with the cd i had but it was only for dell computers (which i have). so...
  6. R

    Ummm i just downloaded the beta 1.1 DBZ game but i can't get it to searchs..

    it searchs for the program to run it but never finds it when i click the icon on my desktop...anyone know whats wrong?
  7. X

    Ummm... A question to admins/mods

    I see Hibiki/Oval/Jonesdaniel's avatars... And well... the way I see it, Hibiki has an avatar of a lady sucking something meaty... And Oval and Jonesdaniels avatar... well they are avatars of women literally doing a monkey :x I just want to know if its... acctually their avatar or if theres a...
  8. Suh Dude

    Ummm Help?

    Well recently i was looking a plug in for G-max to import and export models for hl Yes i searched it but no result can someone please give me the links and after someone gives me the links to the plug ins can a mod closed it
  9. S

    Ummm... version problem?

    I got the update for HL, the one, and it keeps telling me this exact message: You are attempting to install a Half-Life Update that is the incorrect language version. You are currently playing the version of Half-Life. This update is for the Englsih version of Half-Life The...
  10. Naraku

    ummm still my sig wont work

    ok i put but it wont show up , it comes up as a clickable url and theres no picture
  11. U

    whats the problem now

    ;( why is down again i hate when that happeneds
  12. D

    ummm yeah...

    well this isnt the best thing in the world but eh i like it. critz please. :fight:
  13. Naraku

    ummm how

    how do i quote things?
  14. HyperSaiyaman

    Red Saiyan Tribute Model!

    Here its a Reskin i made of vegeta for Red Saiyan Model well credits are given i hope u enjoy it it :shocked: , copy and paste if it doesnt work Its already avaible to download at here's the link: CLICK HERE! u can put ur...
  15. TehMuffinMan

    3 goodys just for you ^_^

    anyways... ive uploaded some other misc toys for you to lay with in esf: Advanced pointer HERE! Advanced powerup: HERE! finally Advanced Aura! HERE! just for you to enjoy f00's many people were asking, so i released em :rolleyes:
  16. MaX

    i get this error when i compile ESF Models

    \/18.smd not found. where it shows the stuff its compiling ya know. :( and it only happens on ESF models. please help me.:cry: and it stops the compile...
  17. O

    ummm, yeah, this is messed up!

    Whenever i try to start a game in ESF (any kind of game) I get an error that says Mod_NumForName: sprites/voiceicon.spr not found Now, i've talked to some friends and they don't have that file either yet theirs works fine I've uninstalled both ESF and HL numerous times to fix this but...
  18. GhostfaceKillah

    Digital Inferno BG

    Done completly in photoshop, I was messing around with a tutorial I found, and this is what I came up with: Critz/comments please...
  19. G

    My first model

    Ok first off this pic isnt' the best in the world because I don't know how to take good pics w/ 3DS Max 4.2. But this is my first model ever that didn't suck. Critz?
  20. sayan master

    new idea

    i think it can B nice now think of it: make an animationthat goku will go ssj lets take for an example ssj3 we can make an animation that goku transforms in to an ssj then ssj2 and then when he will end the transformation he will be an ssj 3 model nice huh if some 1 can try to do this it...
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