1. Y

    Uchiha Itach Model!

    Hey there, I have this Uchiha Itachi model from the specialists. Is there a chance anybody here has the knowledge on how to edit it to make it a little smaller so it fits in ESF :P ? https://rapidshare.com/files/458393003/Itachi.mdl
  2. Ravven

    Uchiha Sasuke W.I.P.

    Yeah guys, here's the only survivor of the Uchiha clan (except someone called Itachi ;)) Give him a warm welcome!!! I give u Sasuke! : P I decided to this one long ago, but never had rly the time. Now with the great work of Nataku, my Nr.1 Unpredictable Ninja is comming to live. I thought...
  3. G

    Uchiha Sasuke - maybe + all forms later

    Strated this guy up, not a big fan of it but meh Naruto screamed for his friend planned to texture it too, stay tuned
  4. Super Veggeto

    Uchiha Sasuke WIP

    First Naruto character model for meh! Actually started the head long time ago but I remodeled it and...well, anyways, it's not meant for a mod or any special purpose, also a reason why I went careless with the polycount (3550+) and still need to add a few details and stuff, dont really mind how...
  5. Kaination

    Uchiha Sig

    Personally, I hella like it o/ Probably cause I made it :p anyways, C&C
  6. bldskakarot

    Uchiha Itachi model request

    hey, i was wondering if any1 could make a Uchiha Itachi model for half life? (i've tried myself but i **** 2 much :( )
  7. S

    Uchiha Itachi [Release]

    I made this Uchiha Itachi model for my good friend Courtney (Phrack50) ^_^ It's a character from the Naruto anime, and it's for the specialists! =P he didnt mind me releasing it to the public so... =P Anyways it was hard to make it deform "decent" so plz...no whining xD Screenie...
  8. Suh Dude

    [WIP - Skin ] Uchiha Sasuke

    Well.. I didn't post here because everyone complains about the model...but aways.. heres a pic..
  9. S

    Uchiha Sasuke, uhm yes, again Naruto ...

    Uhm..well here it is. C&C are ok i guess ^_^
  10. E

    Uchiha Sasuke WIP

    This is by far my favorite peice yet :) I still got some things to do with his hair, the part in the middle, the side hair needs to be thickened, and the back hair needs tweaked. Face wise imma make his nose a little less...pointy. :yes:
  11. V

    Uchiha Fam WIP

    Uchiha Pic...really not done with it ! but just wanted to post it for some crits
  12. MinesSkylineR34

    uchiha itachi!

    i've been messin around with the airbrush lately and this is my latest of the decent ones crits and comments are appreciated