1. t he OnE Z Er0

    e need uuuuuuubbbbbbbbb

    when are u guys making ubb
  2. t he OnE Z Er0

    SoMe one plaese make ubb

    :cry: some do ubb plaese
  3. t he OnE Z Er0

    could some one do ubb, gt goten, and gt gohan

    people will going to gt we need gt models specialy uub
  4. L

    3ds max 4.2 tutorials

    i just spent the last 2 hours looking for beginner tutiorals, i found many 4.0 and 5.0, but not 2 many 4.2 tutorials... if you have any links that have beginner (im mean like really beginner) tutiorals on low poly models on a side note i found 1, started it, yet when i got to step 3 i...
  5. warboy

    help i need....

    help i need a skin program i cant find none plz help:paper: :confused: :warning:
  6. D

    tutorial for gmax

    anybody now where i can d/l a tutorial for gmax really need it
  7. -Dark Shadow-

    Tutorials for everyone

    ok these tutorials i did not find. [J] said the link of the site of all the tuts so the tuts are at this site here there are millions of them. I was going to do all the tuts on here but i had to do all the hyperlinks again and it would've taken ages!
  8. SSJ_ReNe


    Hi there everyone, i know that there may have been threads posted already about skinning tutorials, but i need to get my hands on some of them, as many as possible. Because i want to bring my drawing talent into the skinning ^_^ So if any of you have links to good skinning tutorials please...
  9. Grim`

    Program 2 make models

    Can Somebady give me a name and Site of a program where i can dl it to ? i want to make skins !! :'( plzzz gimme Thx
  10. V3g3t@


    can someone give me tutorials to make dbz models and skins please i dont know how to use milkshape 3D greetz [email protected]
  11. D.C. Darkling

    Who can model here?

    K, maybe I should pm but I mean anyone not 1 person so thats why a thread. :) I can map but I can't model. Who knows a good proggy for this with some good help files/ tutorials to get me started. I saw a milkshape once but it had no helpfiles/tutorials and I couldn't make crap. Only skin...
  12. Loki

    Help with milkshape

    Can someone give me the webpage and some really good tutorials for milkshape i really wanna learn to model.
  13. Virtigo Seven

    How can I make modles and skins?

    How can I make modles and skins?
  14. S

    How do i make a model with milkshape 3-d

    Please help me out