1. Skyrider

    Looking for GTA type games

    I'm sure you are familiar with GTA.. The game where you can freelance through the whole city, smash and break stuff. I'm looking for games like this one for the PC.. mind sharing a few community? Thanks!
  2. Vegeta

    ESF 1.2.3 [Installer] file type unknown?

    Properties: Name: esfb123 Type of file: file Size: 184mb It can't run, because it doesn't know how to- it just asks me to choose a program to run it with. I have never seen this before..
  3. Denz

    superman cave

    <object width="464" height="295" id="1676749" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" alt="Magnificent Crystal Cave Formations Funny Videos"><param name="movie" value="http://embed.break.com/MTY3Njc0OQ=="></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
  4. BlueSaiyan

    Suggestion for new game type.

    What I'm suggesting is a mode where players only have one life per round, like C.S. and the winner of that round could receive something like a bonus of 5% or 10% of the average server's power level. It would also just be a fun mode to see who survives the longest. And if this mode could also be...
  5. Mous4u

    What Kind Of Camaera Type Is Going to be In 1.3?

    hi mous4u just one question what kind of camera is going to be in 1.3 i kind of what the same as the OB camera but just asking you guys what camera is going to be in 1.3?
  6. Suh Dude

    What would you want to see in a Pirate VS Ninja type game?

    I'm getting some ideas for a mod and I'm trying to get some friends to get involve (obviously because they want to do a mod). I'm not sure if it will be official but I'd like to hear some ideas for a Pirate VS Ninja type game. Keep this in mind I want the style to go more of a comic style, a bit...
  7. gildiaswise

    Battle Damage / A new game type

    Ok, lets get started say your characters HP has 75% of max, Shirt is torn a little. A few Scratches on Model say your characters HP has 50% of max, Shirt is completely off, unless your Goku, or some other character with under shirt. say your characters HP has 25% of max tail is cut...
  8. LionHeart

    looking for a certain game type

    First of all it has to be for the pc, I'm thinking of something like Black and White 2, where you are all powerfull, decide the fate of people,etc. Or something around the tycoon genre, but not too confusing because I want the gameplay to be fun, not to have to play it for 1-2 weeks to know how...
  9. D

    Best type of ram

    name should tell it all, i know there is DDR, and...erm...well that's all i know, so what are the types of ram, and which one dominates the rest?
  10. Valeska

    Female class : ? type : ?

    ok so i decided to go further on the pic i made a lil while ago but never finished i fixed some stuff already and i'm planning to make it a little fantasy style. but i could use some tips on what kind of things i should/could add to her and the pic itself. so like...
  11. Rayos

    I hate this type of attention getting

    My friend's father calls me up...now i am having a good day today until about 20 minutes ago. Apparently my friends father kicked him out of the house due to a fighting quarrel. The 21 year old friend of mine calls his fathers office and leaves a message saying by the time he gets this...he will...
  12. H

    Type 98 vs M1a2

    this is the compareson between the eastern tank(Russian/Chinese style) and Western World tank(US- NATO Style) the one is the Newest Tank in Eastern world and the other is the most deadly weapon in human knowlogy. Well according to these source what would you think which is the best!?
  13. majin uub

    What type of Martial Art?

    Well i have been thinking about it, and when i finish highschool a friend and i are going to be searching for Martial Art Camps here in the US. But idk what i wanna take, Either ShaolinDo where i can learn Drunken Fist, or TaiKwanDo so i can get amazing kicks and sweeps in. My friend already...
  14. M

    Weird Combination Type Map Status

    In the other thread I was reminded to use the "Check for Problems" while using triangles to make up a mountain on my map, and when I used the "Check for Problems" I had a whole list of errors. I hit the "fix all (of this type)" button since all of the errors had to do with invalid surfaces and...
  15. SA_Gohan

    New beam type?

    In addition to Balls, and Beam type attacks, I'm proposing wave's, which are basically attack's which cause area effect damage without an explosion or knockback. Secondary attack form of: Kamehameha (Goku, Gohan, Cell, Krillin) Galit Gun (Vegeta, Cell) Masenko (Picollo, Gohan) Mouth Blast (Buu)...
  16. Mccdbz5

    What type of music do YOU like?

    Well, for me, I like a lot of types of music. I like: Rock Rap Hip-Hop Alternative That's all I can think of off the bat. I know I said a lot, but I can't think of anything right now =/. Anyway, what types of music do you guys like? I hope you guys don't only end up saying you like...
  17. Ravendust

    Your connection speed and type

    In light of a recent suggestion to help 56k'ers, I was wondering how many people are actually still on dial-up. I was going to make a poll but there's too many possibilities, so just put your connection speed and type here.
  18. M

    A new type of move i guess?

    how about you add in 1.3 ki attacks that you can swoop and charge and fire like how vegeta flew at cell while firing ki blasts in a straight line or how some guys charged a blast then fired it but the only delfect would be the beam or blast would go the direction you swoop no control itd give...
  19. J

    Warez Type Forum...

    Hey guys, You can download albums and more here in these forums that has started, Even have and learn how to make graphics, Freestyle battle in the Freestyle Arena Section and download albums... ( I think I said that lol ) You can even download Programs and more!.... Please sign up using...
  20. Kaination

    How fast can YOU type?

    http://www.typingtest.com Make sure the preferences are 3 minutes, Wizard of Oz so we can compare amongst eachothers I got 103 wmp
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