1. Sicron

    Creating own characters, but with a twist using bots

    Now, we all know that we won't able to create our own characters in this game with out ESF's "consent" because it would possibly hurt the balance of the game. Well...not possibly, it definitely would. But that made me start thinking. People want "single player" mode, people want Brolly in the...
  2. Damaera

    He will twist you forever!

    Oh my god it's the twister himself O.O Happy Bday MP o/
  3. TehMuffinMan

    KID BUU... with a twist ^_^

    hmm.. anyways.. sexyasian86 has made a really cool kid buu model.... ithis thread is about that model... but with a little twist ^_^ well.. i changed the animations so that it replaces krillin instead of buu.. i know what your thinking.. but really.. its good ^_^ REASONS: 1. krillin has...
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