1. Spunky

    9-year-old girl's twin found in her stomach...

    Source: Wow. That's ****ed up.
  2. Sicron

    Twin Sigs

    well they arent really twin sigs, but they both come from KH =P i dont think i will be able to change alot since...well...once again i forgot to save the psds -_-
  3. X

    Sniper Wolf - Twin Snakes

    I just went by my friends house so he could show me all the new scenes and things added to the game (some of the voice actings and player interactions looked lame around the beginning, for example the scene when Meryl shoots all 3 of the soldiers that come around the second time, she screams...
  4. [SAS]Orion

    Newest simple sig

    I'm using it in agct now :D edit: looks like i'm using it here too oO