1. Goten-son

    Tweek's Goten model, skinning update

    hey sorry its been a while since i could work on this but heres the new shirt and a tad more work on the pants, even though looking at them now i plan to edit them to make them look more smooth and not so wrinklely like most people are saying :p any way thank you all who have made critz and...
  2. Goten-son

    Tweek's Goten being skinned ^_^

    well im a noob skinner but for a first skin so far i think this is turning out great. even tweek said he likes it so far ^_^ any way here are a few progress pics <img src="httP://"> <img src="httP://"> <img...
  3. Tweek

    ..Which 1 do u want

    ..Keh i started work on a Perfect Cell a wil bck and i Decided 2 Let Ultra carry on from torso cus he cant P by P model so i though he could get sum Experiance. I also decided 2 carry on so we now hav 2 Cell mdls but U hav 2 decide which 1 u guys want ;) My cell (-EVM- Tweek) This 1 done...