1. Barney

    Turkey Day

    Well it's come to that time of year again where us Americans get to pig out, watch football and possibly kill some people on the land we've conquered. What are your Thanksgiving plans? As for myself, my parents and I are going to have a nice dinner at a family friend's house and then I'm...
  2. The Deco

    Turkey - Germany vote!!

    Who wins?? Choose an option and say what you think about the upcoming game and who wins and why he wins!! Germany wins, because they are german.
  3. Saiga

    Turkey and Gravy with a sideorder of Buttered Toast.

    IsrAlien and I decided to make some stupid-ass food sigs, here are the monstrocities; Mine (Buttered Toast); IsrAlien's (Turkey and Gravy); We'd like for all of you to make your own food sigs (might as well post yours Shijing :P). Basically to have a laugh.
  4. Hibiki

    Happy Turkey Day

    topic says it all dont it :P post comments on what they call "Thanksgiveing" holliday or just bable about having a happy what ever :p