1. elNarr

    Telling the truth.

    I've been having a lot of thought about this, and came to conclusion of me needing to tell it to all of you. Back when I joined the esf forums, in august of 2006 , this place was awesome. I feel like I joined at the best possible time. There were 20+ active threads daily, as well as hundreds...
  2. VideoJinx

    The Truth--

    So, finally after searching for so long.. I believe I've found the truth. Ive danced around it, on it, to it, and away from it. Yet, today I believe the truth has made itself profoundly clear to me. And yes, as usuall this is a video, but I wouldn't be so quick to mock or scrap anything in...
  3. VideoJinx

    Learn the Truth about meat and Animal cruelty

    I've already stated that eating meat is "barbaric". Which is why I've converted. Yes we are "omnivores", but really can you imagine tearing the leg off a pet and eating it? There is no difference to that, then buying meat from stores. Also, when you eat meat.. your eating the many biotics...
  4. B

    Did you learn the truth?

    Well? Did you? Post here.
  5. sub

    Zeonix 12 - LEARN THE TRUTH

    I said I said before, my support is with Zeonix.. and i Strong STRONGLY believe he's going to be already winning, especially since he will in the future have the most supporters.. <--- LOL
  6. VideoJinx

    Ron Paul 08 - LEARN THE TRUTH

    I said I said before, my support is with Ron Paul.. and i Strong STRONGLY believe he's already winning, especially since he has the most supporters.. <--- LOL
  7. M

    The Truth about RRODs

    Read the whole thing here;
  8. Viper

    [WoW]The truth about paladins....

    Just to make you think about what Blizzard was thinking Read:
  9. M

    The truth about PS3's backward compatib......

    I don't really know, the graphics just look a little more itchy.
  10. F

    The moment of truth

    Who would you rather be with? Pam Anderson? Or Carmen Electra? Carmen get's my vote.
  11. Optimus Prime

    The truth about Ebaums World. Warning: Slight profanity (A few words here and there), view at your own discretion
  12. D

    [Manga][Possible Spoilers!] The Truth behind Kakashi's Sharingan

    They finally revealed it, how Kakashi acquired his Sharingan. I already suspected it ever since the discussions on how Kakashi got his Sharingan, but I am quite statisfied with the way he gets his Sharingan, it was a sad moment though :( Kakashi Gaiden was an excellent filler, but I am...
  13. F

    WHY YOU DELETE IT? AFRAID OF THE TRUTH? (updated bottom)

    ok well i didnt say you were **** tards because u wernt proting it.. is ad that because you wont let anybody else port it even though you wont... thats just *** i mean i enjoyed this mod alot but the hl engine is old now hl2 is out and people are willing to spend the time porting this mod but...
  14. Synth

    The Truth

    Hmm, let's see.. George W. Bush is a monkey... Anyone who discriminates against another race... Anyone who claims killing another person or starting war is in the name of God is a monkey... so your probably George W. Bush...
  15. TeKNiK

    Galactic Truth..

    Whatcha think? What can I say I suck with names..
  16. O

    the truth about the world today...

    <warning! Bother reading this all, it is worth it!!!!> life is a lie this is the truth. why you ask? No president nor king nor queen will tell the whole truth to the people: the people would get angry, and choose an other leader. Do you really think Bush would tell the whole truth...
  17. dudeman

    My first Grungy, Truth.

    I never tried grungy before, i looked at tim's site and liked his stuff alot so i tought i'd give it a try.. i couldnt find any textures (well only 1) so i did most of it with brushes.. comments and critz are welsome.. remember that this is my first attempt to make a grungy pic.. (btw...
  18. L

    Looking for the pr0's Freiza

    Hey Guys, ive been searching for The pros Freiza, could someone provide me a link or send it to me? EDIT-Yes I know this goes in Final Request, but the truth is, most stuff is ignored there and people go on with their conversations...
  19. B

    ... pain ...

    - Down on my knees Hands stretched to heaven above Christ this pain is hard to live with Don't fill my heart with love Engulf my heart with vengeance You need to see our pain Don't fill this heart with love The truth needs to be told - inspired by a whole day of listening to soulfly...
  20. X

    Seeking Truth

    Wopz! I think im on a spree!!!! This one is for a GFX Battle on PFX Forum. Name: Seeking Truth Program: Adobe Photoshop Picture: Girl from INeT Time: 2½ hour Experience: 2 years The round circle thing isent really good i know ;) Critz are welcome :D