1. DaKD

    Sayin armor Set-Goku Gohan &Trunks

    Im doing a set of Goku Gohan and Trunks in sayin training armor(like vegetas) and ive already done trunks and am moving to goku. Note Dont think im gonna jsut use vegetas body lol for each one im going to redo thier proportions let me know if u guys think this is a crappy idea! thnx
  2. Vladdie

    long haired trunks model

    can someone make a normal long haired trunks model and in ssj form to please cause i cant make my own models i'm to dumb for it and that modeling program is to complicated
  3. A

    New Trunks Look...maybe???

    I myself love Trunks. But, id love to see a different (better) look for him. Basically, I know this would be a lot of work, but it would be pretty awesome to have. The Trunks from the future Trunks from the Cell saga where he has Vegetas saiyan outfit on and he has the longer hair. Yes, when...
  4. P

    Omg a 2 year old CD!

    i found a old back up cd from 2 years ago, with some bad artowrk of mine on it lol edit: these are hand draw, the color one is from paint (2 years old heh) and the dbz one i went over the lines in paint cos my scanner did not like it much I done this pic of Mihoshie (no idea how to spell...
  5. R

    UT - Q3 ?'s

    what's the recommended poly count on a model for Q3 and UT? Also like... as far as compiliars go, what can compile Q3 and UT models??? Thanks
  6. E

    Drawings in color

    Greetings everyone. I haven't posted any art in a while. So I went back and found a couple drawings I did about 3 years ago. And as the thread subject suggests, yes, they are in color. I used colored pencils. Enjoy.
  7. E

    Trunks Heads

    Imma prob model all the trunks heads heres what i got so far!
  8. E

    Trunks and Vash!

    Well, I have a couple more drawings for you guys to drool over. And without further adieu, Trunks and Vash! First, here is Trunks looking like he just had the bejesus scared out of him. And here is Vash the Stampede. A.K.A. the Humanoid Typhoon. I hope you like it, Hibiki...:D...
  9. L

    Trunks Model?

    Just wanted to know, if the posted picture of trunks is final, or is it still being tweaked for the beta?
  10. fatmanterror

    SSJ4/SSJ5 Goku model

    hey everybody, its been a while since ive done any modeling at all, ive been busy animating for DBPS, which used to be fury of cell, anyways, this is the first time ive made a model from scratch, its not done yet its only 2 hours into it, but tell me what u think so far. by the way, the notice...
  11. R

    These one guys...

    Well... my modeling program messed up, and now my cd is too messed up to reinstall anything, so I figured I'd give a shot at drawing and computer coloring... yay peace