1. Vash_Locke

    Dragonball Trivia

    Howdy All I Decided Since the last thread made like this went so well i would make my own and see what happens. the way it works ill start off by asking a trivia question about the dragonball series and then when someone knows the answer the post it here and then they post a trivia question and...
  2. Suh Dude

    Family Guy's Trivia Thread!

    This is a game! First I ask a question and you have to answer it with the correct answer. If you think you're correct, then you can also make a question up. Example: User 1: What color is Peter Pants? A: Red B: Green C: Brown D: Pink User 2: I think it's Green! What is meg's...
  3. donnierisk

    DBZ trivia topic

    Hello, i'm starting a DragonBall Z trivia topic. This is a thread where someone asks a question about DBZ( a hard one) and other people try and get a answer, so it's like a game. If someone gets the question right he gets to ask a question and then it goes on like that..... Here's my...
  4. |Overlord|

    The Forum Trivia Game

    i thought i would make a little trivia game concering esf and the forums and so on , just for some fun (any1 up for a laugh ?) you make a question and a answer , a question of youe own and an answer from the above post first ok , let's start Is magus a) A Apple ? b) A Strawberry ...
  5. E

    DBZ Trivia

    Well I thought this would be quit fun so I started this thread post your trivia questions here and then In a while edit it and put the answer :p. I'll start but my question is really easy. In all the episodes of DBZ, how many people does Goku actually Kill? Pm me if you think you know...
  6. A

    Zelda Trivia

    I wanna see how many of you REALLY know zelda.. Heres some question. In which game did Link wash up on shore to start the game? In which game do you see links father? In which game is does link use flippers? What is the only game you see link from a side view? In super Smash...
  7. E

    Simpsons Trivia

    I am a big fan of the Simpsons. So I figured these forums should have some Simpsons trivia. It will work like this. I will ask a question, and when someone answers the question correctly I will acknowledge their responce and add a new question. The questions will start pretty easy and get...
  8. S

    DBZ Trivia Game!

    I am really bored and thought I would give everyone the chance to try and stump me at DBZ Trivia! Its sad how much I know about DB/Z/GT... Ill take anyones questions! Bring it.......... :]
  9. MaX

    Dbz Trivia :)

    i give people up to 5 days for awnser somtime me be nice and make it a wee longer :) When goku and vegeta were in buu and after they met those worms and that ??? washed them away and the worm said ???? and goku said whats par?? time and vegeta said not par?? time he (said ...
  10. Ecchi Pr0n

    Gundam Trivia

    Ok this is gundam trivia only respectable people with knowlage of the shows will be able to ask questions people who can ask trivia questions --------------------------------------------- ]V[ajin {name pending} Super }V{ Hibiki Cucumber Chimpbot more people added later ok ;D latez...
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