1. Mr.Lukyas

    Translate plz

    I got weird PM today :S by Avenger: Thinking It doesn't hurt after the first few times you try. Stop spamming. You screwed up. That post stays. What you were supposed to do, was continue off of mine. can someone translate that? What did he mean by that? If you ask me the dude is weird :O
  2. Z

    I wanna translate th ESF interface, how?

    I wanna translate the ESF interface. Including pics e.g. backround etc. but especially the WRITTEN interface. how do i do that? what files I need to edit in order to?
  3. R


    Ok I am wondering if you can use Bryce5 or other versions to make maps, and if so what program could I transfer the files to so I could make them into functional maps? Or if its just possible to make maps through this program. Oh by the way, Bryce is a program were you can design 3D...
  4. E

    Adding floors/ceiling/roof help!!!

    I am making a map for ESF, as well as one for CS, and I'm using Valve Hammer 3.4. Where is the tool to add a floor and roof/ceiling to maps...? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. M

    ESF Maps? WHere 2 Download?

    Hi Folks wanted 2 know where i can download maps for this absolutely Great Mod! best ive ever seen !! GR33TZ Maverick[SSJ4]
  6. B


    i no what he like. he like to make lava lake go tu the tutorial site to get some !!!!!!!!!!!!:tired:
  7. V

    Models and skins

    :devil: Hi ihr esforces hersteller! Wo kriege ich models und maps für esforces her? Schreibt mir bitte die seite auf meine e-mail adresse auf!! [email protected] Ps:Cooles Game
  8. R


    he guy's i want to start mapping but i need a good turitiol and stuff please help me. [ffl] ras
  9. S

    are here dutch ppls to help me out!

    hi all i need a dutch man to explain me everything on making maps cuz my enlish isn't very good and i don't understand very much in the enlish! i want to make the best maps!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  10. L

    PaintShopPro-sig-tutorial in german?

    So, anybody knows a German site with a PaitShopPro-sig-tutorial or something? It could also be in english but with much pictures, you know? :D
  11. P

    could i translate esf to spanish?

    The mod counter Strike have translations to other idioms, the dragonball TV serie have very differrent voices depends of the idiom. I would like to know if your esf team could let me to do a language patch for esf. The menus & other commands or the game are very easy of translate. Could be...