1. M

    Problem here with transforms

    Hi i download the open beta and i cant make transformations work... the bar seems to charge but when its full i can do nothing! it doesnt transform help please!
  2. L

    all transforms to 1.3

    in v1.3 i mean all the characters shall have all transforms! and another idea is: saga mode... and saga mode is so we can choose all sagas so in saiyan saga shall vegeta have a tail and the real saiyan armor, and gohan shall be a kid. and in namek saga shall vegeta have the namek saga...
  3. I

    Songs to transforms!

    Hows this idea? My machine has jammed 2 times in a row just before sending this. Put these songs to play during transforms: Goku: Rock The Dragon. Cell: Perfect Cell Techno Remix. Krillin: What's my destiny. Vegeta: Dragonball GT - Vegeta Theme Techno Remix. And Frieza would have that Scary...
  4. G

    More Transforms

    Well i was wandering about... cant u just use EEAs or EVMs coding for more transforms... ? then ít would beable to be in already in Version 1.3
  5. SSJ 4 Vegito

    SSJ 4 Vegito

    please somebody make a GT Trunks model like in Dragonball GT in jacket transforms in to ssj trunks without jacket
  6. E

    can someone make ssj4gohan ?? plz

    i need gohan ssj4 :D becaus im collecting last transforms Thats Why Eminem Gonna Kill Ya !! [/COLOR]
  7. G

    Yup,i maked that Goku transforms into ssj3 after ssj

    A miracle,my account working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey,guys please tell me,I maked ssj3 transformation for Goku,but he has no attacks,just a blank icon...How to add attacks please tell me???!! :laff: ! :cry: And where i can find a good model of ssj4 Goku for esf...
  8. D

    More ssj levels

    I was hoping the mod could make more ssj levels like goku going to ssj 3 or 4 and freeza going to his final form also that gohan could go to ssj2 as well... Also some more models of like gotenks goten etc would be cool... but please more ssj levels!! That would be great... Most mods for dbz...
  9. A

    Gohan Request

    Can anyone make adult gohan in his purple suit with short hair?I have a model but that 1 sux.It needs to be a good 1.When it transforms it need to be ssj3.WITH NICE HAIR not suckage.
  10. D


    this is stupid but here we go will there be more than 1 transform like ssj2 ssj3 etc
  11. T

    USSJ Pack

    EDIT RELEASED!! lookie i need a host...
  12. A

    piccolo takes a **** when he transforms!!

    did u guys notice the big thing sticking out of his ass when he transforms??
  13. E

    SSJ Bebi Vegeta

    I've seen the cool model of bebi Vegeta so I thought what would happen if he transforms into a SSJ so I've created this guy: <img border="0" src="" width="903" height="598"> <a href="">SSJ...
  14. imkongkong

    how do you make another model folder for the transformations?

    i downloaded that model of piccolo with the cape somewhere here... i was wondering what i should do to make another folder for piccolo's transformation so when i transform, piccolo would not have the turban and cape
  15. E

    Searching Piccolo

    Hi I'm searching a new model of Piccolo for his transformation I think it is better when gets a new look when he transforms please send one or say where I can download one!!! PS: Sorry for my English
  16. [MaJiN]Buu-Boo

    Gah shut up on transforms

    SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP no , there will not be a god mode no there will not be blown away, no there will not be blindness from it.. maybe reducded damage nothing else.. NOW SHUT IT! think about exploits before you post.
  17. S

    how much.....

    ey ESF-TEAM how many models are not finished cuz i think u guys only have to make a models of frieza second form. or are there more models not finished ?
  18. ultrassj_vegeta

    question about the piccolo model

    will the piccolo model hav his cape?
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