1. S

    Kid Goku!

    Hi, what do you think about my kid goku whit his Powerpoll, it´s not done yet so critesize all you want, the animations are done, just the head and the skin! Greatings: Ran-D Kid Goku
  2. P

    Pixel Art ^_^

    I made these for my BYOND game, Do NOT rip these icons or else I will hunt you down. Thes are NOT for public use, Personal use only. Critism/Comments are GREATLY appreciated. The byond game is called Dragonball SL, Don't bother looking for it yet.. Link will be
  3. T

    gt chibi goku turning ssj4

    tired of being with the same sound of a little child when chibi goku turns ssj4. well get happy ppl because me and ultra have just done it we are making two sounds for goku heres a pic of model when transforming.
  4. S


    umm does any one no where to get a USSJ Trunks skin/model? Andin the game i noticed that if u go look at the original models in the players folder there is a ssj2 and a ssj3 model does that mena u can go ssj2 and ssj3 with goku????????
  5. Koren

    Kaioken attack?

    ok i saw a video awhile back on the kaioken attack and the ssj3 transformations who is making that cause i cant find that thread
  6. S

    MeTaL GeAr ReX

    Ok i made this model a long time ago and i was going to try and put rex in game... but faild well myself and shijing were talking and were going to try and put him in game but he may look crappy in esf, however i still havnt got round to send him the file(sending it later) the polycount is...
  7. TehMuffinMan

    |||| the ultima sword |||||

    well, ive seen people wanting somthing for a trans for the cloud model me and lord darkstryphe did a bit back, so latly, ive worked on my next model, the ultima sword, the sword model itself is really good, pretty accurate, the skin dosnt do it justace, makes it look 2D style, but trust me, its...
  8. Celticus

    frieza's transformation

    can anyone make new transformations for frieza form 3 and frieza form 4 :confused: :confused: if i play the game frieza 3 whon't fit in the ball: it looks realy ugly!!!
  9. U

    advise for esf 1.2

    who ever is making esf 1.2 should put 2 sounds for goku because when goku is a kid in gt and he turns ssj4 he does not have the voice of a little kid so the only way to fix that is to put two sounds for goku one for normal and the other for ssj. Think about people. :]...
  10. Nuttzy

    strong bad model

    i made it to make an example of my 3d outline technique, and its hard to tell cuz saving as a jpeg kinda blurred it a bit but hes got a black line around him in every angle, i need to give it a thicker black outline you think?, crits
  11. I

    Lightning effects for MDL's

    Since ive gained more control over my textures for MDL's and have been doing it for a while im now working on adding extra effects to models for ESF, i have no problem adding extra pieces such as animating/bone structure for the SsJ3 which look cool in my oppinion :rolleyes: im making an...
  12. t he OnE Z Er0

    how many tranformation would they have in 1.2

    i wish they could put more transformations at least 3 and fusions if it was like that it will be my favrite game:talk:
  13. S

    Powered up piccolo, big dissapointment

    I like playing piccolo and i think that he needs a new model or clothes or something when he gets all powered up. Maybe a new , better move like super beam cannon,.
  14. S

    Perfect Cell?

    Is there going to be a perfect cell model? Cause it would look really kool, instead of starting out with 1 level cell it should start out with 2nd imperfect cell and the transformation should be perfect cell..That would be so awesome:laff:
  15. B

    super a17

    ive started the transformation for #17, super 17 model :S this is what i did so far :S it has bout 300 polies atm ( waaaaay to high imo, should get them lower :S) anyway MORE PICS HERE17a
  16. D

    can somebody help?

    I wanted to know where to download a freeza sitting in that chair that floating chair the very FIRST transformation, and Cyborg Freeza
  17. ssj999vegeta

    red saiyan aura

    im making a red saiyan skin and i wanna no if i can change the aura for just my skin and not every skin cos i have changed the saiyan aura but now all saiyans are red saiyans
  18. freeportpretz22

    My first model, help plz!

    My first model I'm working on my first model and I need some help, so if anyone can help, please contact me on AIM at DaviS C 6590 I'd really appreciate it, Thanks Alot, War Hamster
  19. SSJ4_Cell

    My Small and Quick Video .GIF

    Click here. Cool, eh? Crits please.
  20. D

    Any new goku sounds?

    Does anyone know where i can get new sounds for goku like kamehameha, solarflare, transformation, death, and pain sounds? thanx
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