1. liad

    more transes

    i think that esf 1.3 need more transes for several chares for frieza maybe add frieza form 4 100% and also metal frieza (when he came back to earth with king cold) for cell add after perfect ultra perfect for truks maybe add ussj stage 2 (more power and less speed than regular ussj) for...
  2. T

    question bout transes

    Greets all, I got two questions 1)Is there any way to increase the amount of PL needed to trans? I'm transing too fast now and I want to make it harder... 2)And is there any way to decrease starting PL? Cause that would make transing harder too Thanks in advance
  3. D

    models and transes

    these are just a few suggestions i have that you guys have probably already talked about 1. i think all gohans forms should be as the teenage gohan (buu saga) 2. this ones probably been talked about but i think that ussj should have a huge increase in power maybe like x2.5 but be considerably...