1. Phobius

    Demonoid blocks Canadian Traffic!

    This was interesting news indeed and surprised nobody wrote about it yet. Anyways sometime Saturday went to log into demonoid and got this error "We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and We need to start blocking Canadian traffic...
  2. Ravendust

    Goku's Traffic Safety and Fire Fighting PSA's?! I had no idea these even existed. Anyone know where I can buy, find, see or download these two shorts? I don't care if they're...
  3. Goten-son

    Permission for models

    Hey i plan on adding ESF stuff for download on my site soon, and was wondering if i could use the models i find off Red Saiyan or other ESF sites to put up for download on my site. I have been told i need permission first, but when i unzip most of the models theres no e-mail or AIM screen name...