1. C

    trackerUI.dll error

    I am tring to play the new beta version and I am getting an error. I am only trying to play a lan game but when I try to load a game i get the console showing me the files loading but it hangs on trackerUI.dll error, not loading. What do I do?
  2. Skyrider

    Tracker error: TrackerUi.dll is invalid, not loading.

    For those who get this error, It is because you are not using Steam. I'm seeing multiple people here posting that this is a bug, but it just means you are using the old version of Half-Life with the WON Version. I can be wrong with this, but I am seeing now multiple threads with the TrackerUI...
  3. S

    Missing the TrackerUi.dll

    Hello ppls, Can anyone out there send the the TrackerUI.dll file and any other files related to the tracker cause for some reason I am missing that file. Please send them to my email address at [email protected] with the subject heading TrackerUI.dll Thanks
  4. P

    Error trackerui.dll

    if i try to multiplay with a frien of mine we do not get connected and get an error message as this error trackerui.dll, at home it does work on all systems we tried allot but esf will not multiplay at his place. and other mod do.