1. DiebytheSword

    There's some new law in town . . .

    As you may or may not know, I recently announced my retirement from active duty. Due to this, we have promoted new admins, new super moderators and moderators. We have also created new positions, Mentor Moderators, who show the new guys the ropes, and head moderator, the apex moderator of the...
  2. W

    New dude in town,

    Well, found this game or mod should I say because a friend of mine told me about it, I've seen nearly all DBZ episodes, but never played a Game of it... Well luckily I had a half-life cd, and steam, so I tried this mod out, and I love it! great job. Well, seeya guys around, oh yeah... my...
  3. R

    New threadmaster in town.

    Ok Im new around here so Im lookin for a nice siggeh to match my blatant awesomeness. Word on the street is that you folks are some of the best siggers around and I'd appreciate having one made. I was thinking like reds and blacks, if you could get like a nice stock of one of the UT2K4 guys with...
  4. Taurus 2112

    New Modeler in Town.

    I just started modeling today, and what better to start off with then a nice lookin Kirby model, pretty sure it belongs here. I know I need to add the blush to his cheeks. But any C&C would be appreciated. I use Wings 3D any other good apps to use?
  5. M

    New Clan in Town

    Hey All, Sayin Pride is here...theres one major rule...You must have Pride the second is Use a Sayin Character to join plz state this following things Name(in game) Age What sayin you are good with Are you joining for fun or competition MSN/AIM thanks...
  6. Enix

    Funny City, Town And Street Names

    Post some funny city, town or street names. I was goin down the street today and saw a street called "a street". lol, now i wonder if a mailman would go crazy over that.
  7. W


    hey everyone just wanted use all to know about our clan -|guardian|-
  8. DaKD

    Trunks Bojack movie version

    heres a model my little bro's workin (goes by OpTiMuS) and its just a WIp and his first edit so dont be too critical O yea dont even say it the arms suk right now lol
  9. Naz

    Link has come to town

    check out this vid, I as a zelda fan really love it especially the music! Zelda games just rock it could be that I'm just a weird person tough :D
  10. K

    New sigmakers in town

    We are not the greatest, but we get a good, quick job done. Koblano (me) and .F.M. are now open for sigmaking. You can catch us on AIM (alphakoblano or Axel 1010) or just ask us in a post. WE ARE NOT COMPETING WITH THE COMMUNITY!!! We are just bored of not doing anything, and decided to...
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