1. Kaination

    Sig tourny #2

    So, who wants to sign up? Sorry for not doing it earlier, I got sick and felt like **** :( So, who wants to be in it? I'm going to do what Lith did, pull names out of a hat. Or my pants. Either way it's goooood. I'm looking for 4/8/12 people to join for even teams. If it HONESTLY doesn't...
  2. L

    Who Should Come Back to The Tourny?

    Since alot of peopel got kicked out since they can't read i took whoever posted there images and adavced them to round 2 however i ave 1 spot extra to fill. so i thought "why not bring someone back" so you guys get to decide who comes back to the tourny. the options are on top. i...
  3. Soulicro

    Battle for 3rd place in Sig tourny.

    Fellow judges, post your opinions. Fellow posters, well, post your opinions as well :] Sooo... I was thinking, lets have a battle for the 3rd place in the sig tourney! The battle will take place between Ryoko and GFK. If you want it to happen, I see no reason why it wouldnt. Post your...
  4. NeLo

    Tourny Question

    Hey guys i was wondering(as well as Scorch) how many ppl would like to attend a 2v2 tourny?? Vote plz.
  5. I

    The Redsaiyan Tourny

    ok you people at redsaiyan. when your next one comes up put me in and anyone else who wants to join the next one post here, but if you dont dont flame or report spam for this is for the second season (if there is one) ill join but when it comes to be email me...
  6. O

    Another Tourny! Right now!

    Im thinking of havin a tourny right now if its possible Omega's Playgound! anyways it will be the great tournament map pack so we can exper. a true will be a dedicated server by me :) ........just one question how will i find the ip for the server.....if i know that then...
  7. O


    Ok i talked to my buddy and he wants to make a tournament.......but only 4 the best players(no n00bs plz ;) ). please reply if ur interested in this....more info later :)
  8. NeLo

    ESF Tourny!

    Yo guys i was just wondering if there is any tournaments going on for ESF?? If not would someone be so kind to Make one. Cuz i really wanna be in a tournament.:D I think it should be that one DMC tourny. Like have 16 groups or something. has to be 3 ppl in a group. it doesnt have to be a clan...
  9. NeLo

    ESF Tourny!!

    Listen Guys we have 9 teams already in the tourny. But we need 7 more to complete the line up. Cuz we have to have 16 teams. I wish i could have posted this like 2 or 3 days ago but i never go to it. OK We need 7 more teams! The teams r in 3. So 3 ppl = 1 team. It doesnt have to be a clan. It...
  10. R

    UT - Q3 ?'s

    what's the recommended poly count on a model for Q3 and UT? Also like... as far as compiliars go, what can compile Q3 and UT models??? Thanks
  11. MR GUMP!!

    Tourny saturday june 29th

    Well im hoseting a Tourny this saturday at around 5:00 pm est. There is only gana be 16 alowed because that makes out a nice tournament tree system. If you are intrested send me an E-mail at [email protected] I would apriciate it if you would tittle your e-mail Tournament aplication, I...