1. H

    Model Of A Torso

    this is my first model ever. lol i got it from a tutorial in esfworld ok i kno its bad but can any of u guys help me make look better. this is wat its sopposed to look like: and this is wat i got...
  2. E


    It's not very defined...I can't really define it that much, but now I am moving onto the arms. Comments? (By the way, first character model.)
  3. R

    does my torso look good i made alot of changes. look

    update thread: whats yur guys fav bands or any music? what stuff u guys listen to?
  4. R

    my first torso model tell what u think

    this is my first time modeling so heres the link to it
  5. R

    how does me torso look?

    give comments or things i can do to improe it this is my first time modeling or if u cant see the torso at all tell me cuz i dont know how to get pictures or imgs of my models in here but ithink i did it if i didnt then tell me how to
  6. Growler


    I started this about 2 hours ago. I have been steadily working on it for about 1 hour :/ Its a torso, I am going to make a full body model. This has no ref... c+c please
  7. Growler


    I started this about 2 hours ago. I have been steadily working on it for about 1 hour :/ Its a torso, I am going to make a full body model. This has no ref... c+c please
  8. C

    Torso and Arms WIP

    heres that torso and arms from the tutorial that was posted. its suppose to be for vegeta but i dont know hes pretty jacked for that so who knows.
  9. K


    Well guys, I've been skinning, doin 2d art, and all that other good stuff for a while now, but I feel like I wanna start modeling. Now I have attempted before, but never got anywhere. But, I've decided to try again, and maybe with some of the community's constructive criticism and advice, I can...
  10. DBXMe2

    Torso and maybe FuLL BODY SOON Model! BY ME :P

    Well I got tiered of seeing noob models, so I took a crack at it.. came out alright... Made in Maya.. dont know the poly count didnt look.. definetly going to smooth later for fun ^_^ besides that its ya.. that.. Cool ref me likey.. creds to ref maker.. sorry dont remember ur name dude.. gots...
  11. I

    RVD's Goku

    this is not my model.. its 100% RVD's.. he just told me to post it for him.. well he requests help on goku's hair... well check it out w333333 *crits*
  12. S

    Kid Goku!

    Hi, what do you think about my kid goku whit his Powerpoll, it´s not done yet so critesize all you want, the animations are done, just the head and the skin! Greatings: Ran-D Kid Goku
  13. Z

    3dsmax tutorails

    dous anny one know 3ds max tutorails of the arm and torso ?
  14. Tweek

    SSJ2 Gohan

    ..Hey ;D no this is not my mdl altho i wisj it was ;) but a friend of mine is scared of crits (shouldnt b) so i hav offerd 2 show it ;D. Now this is is first mdl and i fink it is a good mdl 4 first atempt so pllz not so harsh on the crits :D, Tankz ..Tweek ;) And ..?????????
  15. D


    The new green saiyan! Aka Kakoran: Credits Me, Ice Man, and .slim//, AzN, and Bryggz
  16. DaKD

    Kikyou WIP

    Well now that im done with Vash I was going to move on to Wolfwood, but i decided taht I wanted to try making a female character. So I thought how about Kikyou from Inuyasha. Heres my work so far : about 15 mins
  17. Moshe Kipod Ham

    A new Gogeta From Ned's Vegetto

    All crits to Ned and his awsome Vegetto Gimme crits but don't ask me to release him (Because of the request in Red-Saiyan I'm afraid of squirls :p )
  18. V

    How To Combine Models ?

    Can some1 plz tell me how to combine models ? Like i want the head of goku and the torso of trunks and the legs from vegeta ... ? How do i paste them in milkshape ? CTRL+C didnt worked:(
  19. sexyasian86

    Kid Buu Version 1

    Kid Buu Version 1 Done :) Here is the Kid Buu Version 1 i've been working on. MaxX and Snake if u see this, try to get AIM so i can send it to u uhh sorry for the bad quality picture, but my uploader sucks crap. so here ya go. need some more editing. Kid Buu Version might be...
  20. ZuL

    ZuL model

    Actually, it's not done, I'm only posting a progress pic here to show you how far I've come with it. First I made it a statue, without the arms, and now i thought "Why not give him arms and legs and all that... He will look cool!" So here he is so far. Continuing tomorrow (late here :tired: )