1. Skyrider

    Google Toolbar v3 Spelling Checker

    The Google Toolbar 3 has a "spelling check". (For those who didn't knew yet). Perhaps it is handy for some people here on the forums? (and other forums, text, etc.) Check out the screenshot below: It checks for spelling in all "editable" forms. Which are the forms you are able to type in...
  2. N

    toolbar troble

    i have an inoying toolbar called neo toolbar, i already used spybot and ad-aware but it still doesn't work. even "noadware" doesn't work so is there any way to delete it, i dont want to format again. it also put's things in my "favorite", any help?
  3. S

    god @¼-• i need help!!!!!!

    i only have seven days left on my milkshape and when i try to compile .qc file milkshape crashes. logan told me the textures need to be 256 colors but i don't know how to change it. please help before i have a stroke and die :cry:
  4. S

    Lightwave Questions

    ok, i was opening the modeller, and i had never used it before, so i messed around with the options... then all of a sudden the menu is gone! how? i dont know, but im asking you how to get it back... please reply if u do...
  5. G

    How do I get it back??

    Very big problem with milkshape!! You know the thing at the top where you check how far to zoom in and stuff!!! its not there look! How do I fix this!?? How do I get that toolbar back??