1. Pieter Paul Rubens

    Best Tony Hawk game on PS2

    Back in the days I was in love with Tony Hawk games on the PSX, recently I've been playing THPS3 again and would like to play a more recent version of the game, so I checked da webz and found there's been like 6 different games since THPS3. So now I'm turning to you people to tell me what the...
  2. M

    Tony Hawk -- Project 8

    New Tony Hawk game coming out like no other.
  3. R

    Tony Montana

    Question: Is a name like "Mr Montana" orginal, or is it just a plain old fashioned rip off?
  4. Alteh

    What do you think of Tony Hawk Under Ground 2

    I think it's O.K...not the best. It's pretty much just like any other tony hawk game but with just a kind of different layout. Like getting to choose missions with different people and that kinda stuff. 7/10
  5. A

    Ssjgohan2 Help

    I create ssj2gohan an its ok i can export this model but when i try to compile the qc milkshape always say unknown attachment link 'Bip01 R Finger11' Help Help Help
  6. Eon

    Perfect Cell

    Could someone pleas make a Perfect Cell skin to replace Cell for 2?
  7. B

    model n00b

    Hey im a model n00b and im working with milkshape 3d :D and ehm how i open a esf model in milkshape so i can try some stuff on those models.
  8. Kerozeyetzev

    Wheres a Brolli model?

    uhhhh not complaining or anything but i havent seen a single attempt to make a brolli model or even heard anything about one. i ask myself why this could be since brolli is one of the coolest characters ever. now i search for anwsers from all of my fellow esf fans. enlightenment...
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