1. D

    SWTOR Free to Play Tomorrow

    Here's the details and faq: I personally have good opinions about MMO microtransaction models. My favorite example was Exteel, before they shut that down. There are a lot of limitations on the free accounts, but...
  2. G

    getting it tomorrow

    should i get 1.2.3 or bata and if i get 1.2.3 should do ecx rc2 and big pack and power level changer
  3. Sicron

    Alien Swarm: Free on Steam beginning tomorrow. I love it how Valve is constantly giving freebies.
  4. M

    Phoenix to Touch Down Tomorrow (Sunday)

  5. Jakut

    Lost Planet PC demo to be released tomorrow.

    Well according to gamespot, the PC version of that game will be released tomorrow. the little add in the middle. Let's see if i can max it out XD
  6. M

    Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Tomorrow (03/29/07)

    Souce: Stay tuned.
  7. elNarr

    'Breaking News' Saddam to be Hanged today or tomorrow

    I saw from bbc that Saddam Husseim would be executed today or tomorrow, my guess is that he'll be executed tomorrow at 12.00 am - 5.00 am distance @ my local timeline+2 GMT. One word: Hooray. But i still have an disturbing chill at my spine, that something will happen after that, i don't...
  8. ~*Logan*~

    Wii Pre-Orders to begin tomorrow

    Gamestop and EB games are going to begin in-store pre-orders tomorrow for the Wii (online pre-order date still not determined). It will of course be first come, first serve. Also, due to the Wii's popularity, pre-orders might be filled within minutes in a single store. If there is an EB Games...
  9. Promiscuous Girl

    Playstation 3 Reservations Begins Tomorrow

    Anyone actually going to reserve it, first thing tomorrow morning ?
  10. CM

    F.E.A.R. SP Demo Tomorrow!

    Who's excited? Singleplayer demo tomorrow, according to IGN. I want to see how the game plays.
  11. G

    Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow CO-OP [?]

    Me and a friend is big fans of co-op but we cant seem to find any good games that has that option for pc,right now we are playing Ravenshield Rainbow six but we are kindy bored with that..and someone said that Splinter Cell (2) Pandora Tomorrow has the Cooperative option for pc so iam wondering...
  12. NinJa HunteR

    Halo 2.... Tomorrow!!!

    I Hope i'll have it Tomorrow.... Hope to see you in Live!!. :laff: :laff: :laff:
  13. Gogeta91

    ussj goku(in kamishenan gi)

    Hey this is a small edit.its a ussj goku. i just can't geta sayain armor skin to fit.
  14. Yazuken

    Site to upload ESF maps

    Is there any site dedicated to esf maps? if there isnt, i am thinking about making one where people can submit there map and have it posted.
  15. Lethal_Vegetto

    About the Glowing Letters Trick

    What colors are there. I dont know the colors that can be used with it, and i would really like to know the sollection of colors there are for the glow text. Thx:]
  16. M

    New Model Packs !!!!!

    Hey i have made a few pack all of the models are not created by me but i assembled the models in 4 big Packs GT Goku Pack includes: Normal GT Goku -Credit to original Creator of Goku -Edited by Snake-D Super Saiyan 4 Goku -Credit to original Creator of Goku -Edited by Brollman Credit...
  17. DragonDude

    Right now it's just a prefab, hopefully a map later.

    I was thinking of new ideas for a map awhile ago, and I got one that I thought would look nice. It's going to be styled like Ancient Greece. Here are screenshots of what I was talking about in the title.
  18. D

    I made a vegeta death and pain sound.

    right click and save target: Vegeta Death sound Vegeta Pain Sound
  19. Cold Steel

    A cool map idea if anyone is intersted.

    The idea is a level made of nothing but water. The water goes to the roof if you know what i mean. Put some rocks in it some pointy big rocks offcourse and make it look natural. But here comes the genious part. Since you will die if you are to long underwater you will surely die in a level like...
  20. M

    The No 1 Martial arts master of the world

    as the title suggests i am modeling a Mr satan. lets not go into the why's, i just am. anyone know of some good referance pics as what ive done so far has been from estimation and memory. and any thoughts on who it should replace. i'll post a pic of it tomorrow, along with some ssj3 hair...