1. DiebytheSword

    ATTENTION! Forum Purge Scheduled for tommorow.

    If you have posted fan fiction here, and it is older than two weeks old, and you wish to have a copy, please copy it today as the forum will be pruned within the next 24 hours. I have already saved all the rules and standings of the fight club, the rumble, any fight I've been in, and the End...
  2. Loki

    My Sig Host Almost Open

    Im prepareing to open a sig host for those of the less fortune. I will only accept up to 15 sigs to host 1 per person. Size must be reasonable, no flash sigs (too much file size). Go ahead and send me a pm within the next week or so with your sig attached. Ill send you a pm back telling you...
  3. S

    I'm sorry, but If you used my Sig hosting service, they have been lost

    yes... my horrible host has suspended my site for a stupid reason which i dont want to explain. anyway, if your sig was on , then it is gone, and the uploader is gone too. BUT! my new site should be up tommorow or day after, and I will once again put up the sig...