1. Painkiller

    Ga-Rei and Tokyo ESP

    Ok. Some guy told me that Tokyo ESP is the continue of Ga-rei. Is that true? I'd usually google this, but I'm not home and my internet sucks. :) Tell me more about this, please
  2. sub

    Neo Tokyo

    Is out. I'm downloading right now
  3. Zeonix

    Laser Creates Sun; Destroys Tokyo

    Not really, but this is still an impressive feat: Source:
  4. Promiscuous Girl

    PS3 To Be Unveiled In Tokyo -- 1 Days Time!! Where Will You Be ?

    I guess one half of my two most anticipated next-gen gaming consoles-- N-Revolution being the other half, might be Unveiled or Delayed, tomorrow in Tokyo. Alot of people are expecting information, screens, media, ect, but personally, i don't think anything will happen, but you never know. But i...
  5. X

    Tokyo Game Show 2005 [Pictures & Videos]

    I also posted this in my forum. Some guy posted that on forums. The pictures are at the mid/top of the page. A bunch of nice cosplays (Sol Badguy, Cloud & few others) There are four videos at the bottom of the page...
  6. Guru_San

    Mega Tokyo -update paper

    Yeh i didnt make it all so im not taking the full credit for this, i just updated a nice paper, so feel free to use it. -SaN
  7. KrazyKarl

    Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

    It's been awhile since I have drawn anything, but last night I drew this certain bad ass, those of you who watch (GTO) Great Teacher Onizuka know this guy, and for those of you who dont watch it...... you should, its the best anime i have ever seen.