1. Nuttzy

    want toi know how to edit skeletons without fudging the animations?

    kk, i was recently asked by the BTL team to assign a few of their models. skiwan was worried that the tail on his ssj4 goku would be stuck in a static position due to the fact that under normal conditions you cannot add new bones to an existing skeleton without it messing with some other part of...
  2. S


    PLZ antoine3323!! plz fix ur site so i can dload the ssj-script 6.0n for the models!:cry:
  3. B

    SSJ script

    Can somebody send me the script with e-mail??([email protected]) I cannot conect to the ssjscript server. Please!!
  4. S

    how do i get new maps?

    Not true at all but oh well.. Antoine your just a jalous freak get back in your box
  5. B

    The Hooded Wonder

    M8 i was just wondering if you could tell me how u made that animating Sig :) (GIF) :P I diont want u to make me one m8 i was want to know how u made it or what prgramme u used :talk: THX :tired:
  6. Antoine3323


    Would anyone mind makin a Brolli model for me or just makin a skin for him or somethin??? I would really appreciate!! :) Also, Dabura and the Supreme Kai (Shin) would be coo too!!! :)
  7. Akhkaru


    Lemme see your current models. I may be able to work on them now, I'm laying down in bed and chattin on my comp.