1. Ravendust

    The most expensive toast in the universe Quite clearly a setup but still, imagine someone stumbling across it unaware :p
  2. Saiga

    Turkey and Gravy with a sideorder of Buttered Toast.

    IsrAlien and I decided to make some stupid-ass food sigs, here are the monstrocities; Mine (Buttered Toast); IsrAlien's (Turkey and Gravy); We'd like for all of you to make your own food sigs (might as well post yours Shijing :P). Basically to have a laugh.
  3. SSJ Toast

    toast's cell wip

    howdy, havnt made a dbz model/skin since my first buu model, heres a perfect cell i made the past week using davidskiwan's drawings as my main ref (i already ask permission to post so dont worry about that) the model stands at 1400 triangles using 1 512x 512 skinmap, ill model the head when iam...
  4. C


    you guys are gonna love this. You know how the people that walked out on WON left and WONS main money provider went with it. WELL (this is too funny to be serious about) They FREAKIN came back!!. The people that left WON left for good but a branch off of these people decided to pony up and...
  5. SSj_Gotenks95

    Post Your Models Here

    Hello u guyz probubly aint heard of me I am relly 1 of Ssj_Gotenks95 cuzs and I would like if you people here on the fourm would post the names of your models finished or W.I.P Thanks Peace out!
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