1. Skyrider

    Looking for MMORPG games with TNT 2

    Remember me making a thread with MMORPG games (fully free) that is 2D? Now my GF is using a TNT 2 Video card (32MB).. So does someone knows a good MMORPG that can be run on this video card? :) Fully free though.
  2. S

    Tnt 2

    I got TNT 2 64 Pro and Windows XP, and I can't use D3D graphic...well...I can but the graphic goes totaly Crazy! It comes Yellow and Black color and when i look download (with camer) then it is like it should be, but when i look forward then the graphic goes crazy agian!! Can someone say how to...
  3. B

    sig j/k graphix I made

    ya its nothin special just I want feedback on it tell me what i could change for the better finished it in 5 min give it time to load O_O