1. -Origin

    First timer challenging....someone...preferable someone new.

    Title says it all..... o_o
  2. S

    Mapping Troubles for 1st timer

    Sup everyone I absoulutly love this game and i think it is time to contribute to it so i am attepmting to make a map i ot the layout of the entire map now i need to put in my hills and DB/SB and I have a small problem when ever i want to check out how my map is doing on esf it doesn't show it on...
  3. C

    Powerfull attack timer

    Im really starting to hate people who sit in a space of the map where they can just Big Bang Or Final Flash the whole goddamed battlefield and kill people without even trying.....Now i know they had to work hard to get to transform but....it gets very annoying when everytime you spawn all you...
  4. Loki

    Who created the timer thing

    Because that little thing bugs the crap outta me and i need to get the creator of that rule!! And btw if anyone plays JK2 on the zone gimme ur name i will find u and i am SD_Shaddow (I can find one person who is good and make them a padawan in my clan!:D ) of course im ur master!!
  5. B

    sig j/k graphix I made

    ya its nothin special just I want feedback on it tell me what i could change for the better finished it in 5 min http://dba.gamepoint.net/images/time.jpg give it time to load O_O