1. C

    server ticket?

    i recently installed esf again and i was ok joining the servers, but like 0 mins later it keeps disconnecting me from it saying Error verifying user STEAM ID Ticket (server unable to contact authentication server). and i cannot connect to any servers. plz help asap
  2. M

    How to aviod getting a speeding ticket

    A police officer pulls a guy over for speeding and has the following exchange: Officer: May I see your driver's license? Driver: I don't have one. I had it suspended when I got my 5th DUI. Officer: May I see the owner's card for this vehicle? Driver: It's not my car. I stole it. Officer...
  3. N

    Ticket expired

    My pall here has trouble with steam : when he wants to join a server steam says that his acount tickit has expired and he needs to type his pasword to reactivate his account but then it still doesn't work and the reason that steam gives is " your ticket has expired"!!! WHAT THE HELL IS A ACCOUNT...
  4. Shuyin

    Steam Ticket Problem

    Ok. Trying to get a lan game of ESF going, but always one person keeps getting the "steam ticket has expired" crap. Usually we have this problem once and just switch who hosts and it works... But its not going away this time. *edit* ok its not working
  5. G

    have you pre-booked YOUR ticket?

  6. Mr. Satans

    Speeding Ticket

    Heh, whelp I recieved my first speeding ticket last night >_< Me and a friend spend the entire night paintballing houses and throwing crap at passing cars and around 11pm I went and picked up another friend and we all just rode around a bit. We noticed this car parked in the lawn of some...
  7. J

    Invalid Steam ticket?

    what does this mean? It just started right now and i can't join any servers. It says that i'm Kicked because i have an invalid steam user ticket. wtf?
  8. F

    invalid steamID ticket???

    ok i installed everything fine and it all works but when i try to join a server it loads about half way then it stops and says: Error Invalid SteamID Ticket and it disconnects me. what do i do!!?!?? O_O
  9. R

    Invalid Steam UserID Ticket

    I wanted to play a mod. When I started up and tried to join a server. And I got this: Anyway to fix this?
  10. C

    invalid steam user ID ticket

    whats it mean when it kicks me from a server cuz i got an invalid steam user ID ticket??