1. Painkiller

    Looking for thy master! :(

    Well hi... this is kinda stupid but whatever I'm asking for a teacher if I may say someone who would help me go throught photoshop I have that program but I don't really know how to use it that's why I want someone to assist me tellin' me what is what you should watch this and you get...
  2. Seph`

    Thy beast of hell hath returned!

    Well, you guessed it, Devil is back... Yet again crashing the popular servers - And it seems with a vengeance. As I typed this 3 servers went down in 5 minutes, and there were like 5 other before it. God I sound like a news reporter :] I'm going to get his WoNID. I think he's on DoA atm...
  3. V'

    Spank thy monkey and Spank thy monkey hard. Oh what else did you think I ment?:]
  4. TimTheEnchantor

    Letter to Thy Love graphic..

    New graphic called Letter to Thy Love, I was listening to some really good music by Waiting for Autumn, and was quite awed at the lyrics, so I made something to a similiar effect...enjoy
  5. S

    Can someone email me there skins that thy have for esf or dmz

    i have a webpage up and i need skins and maps to put on my downloads page my webpage address is: my email address is: [email protected] Please post them or email me them if u can
  6. Z

    Should thy put the pam back again

    i think so