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    Could a thousand nukes > a single, but huge meteor?

    I got this idea from the other thread and also hope to have the discussion shift over here. What do you think would be more disasterous? To me, a nuclear explosion, while impressive, is just small in scale to the rest of the world. Not only that, but they are more wind and heat with some...
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    Read my thread and help, or be burned with a thousand tiny matches!

    Well, i'm no noob at ESF, but i have a question about the buggery steam install. when i play, the controls don't show up! and i can't move! do i need to run original h-l, or run steam hl? i'm so confused -.-
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    How can you make map for g*dsake!

    Can someone explain or send a tutorial in Dutch or english i rather dutch. How to make maps?
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    Just wondering...

    What is a good animation program? i've been wanting to make my own for a long time.