1. S

    What Dust Thou Soundeth Like?

    Hm, I finally got my microphone to spit out some decent quality recordings, so now I can finally use my voice to the fullest of its power! Just post what you sound like, or whatever. (Note, I said "attachment" because I was...
  2. T

    i need new piccolo skin

    Can some one make a new piccolo skin with him more buff looking not so skiny he looks really weak in the game he needs skined!!!!
  3. V

    Capsule Map

    Hey I was wondering has anyone made a Map that looks like the inside of a capsule? If not could someone make one please. Im thinking like the inside of the capsule that Vegeta trained in, but large enough to actually fight in. Like S2K's snakeway map wher you can go into king kais house maybe...
  4. Naz


    Hiya I made a new wallpaper, I hope ya enjoy it small version here grtz NSA
  5. [SAS]Orion

    Yuri wallpaper Not totally finished, but what do you think so far?
  6. S

    Ryoko Wallpaper

    Opinions? If you want I can upload the 800x600 version. By the way, The text sucks I already know!
  7. E

    Ken (Street Fighter) Model (99.9%)

    Hey, ima n00bie modeler...well been modelign for a 1 1/2 now and i just wanna know what is wrong with my ken model if anything as the modeler usually doesnt see his mistakes right? well he stands at 1420 polys (AGH). heres a pic, if anyone is intereedted i would release a SDK...