Thinkin of megaman x

    Who wants a megaman x Thinkin of puttin donx es megaman on esf i already asked him if u want me to ahead wit plz tell me who want me to start the projectC:\Documents and Settings\Mauricio\Desktop\default\mdl-mmx1
  2. G

    Hmmm, could some one make a USSJ Goku?

    I saw goku once become a USSJ and if some one could make a model for esf i will be very happy 10x;)
  3. Wuying Ren

    Two model requests

    Can anyome try to make a ssj4 Gogeta and/or a Oob/Uub model ?
  4. I

    blackjezus model.yeeh swa

    here new model i call him blackjezus...(even tho it is far from a blackjezus:P) the ref i used is from project eco so all credit for the concept goes to there concept artist... ok check him!
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