1. Slaxor

    Andvanced ki-ball thingies

    Ok, so here's my idea. First, you charge up a ki-ball (or whatever you might call it) between your hands. Second, you can choose to send lots of small ki blasts flying or just throw the whole thing (big boom). You see stuff like this quite alot in the series if you think about it ^^
  2. D

    Music Mp3 thingies

    RRRiiiggghhhttt, is there a way to turn on the background music? An internet cafe (I think it has an older verion of ESF) had rock in the background playing at all how?
  3. Optional

    12 Logo Thingies

    New clan. Pick your favorite. List: Comparitive:
  4. Demi-Shadow

    n00bkid on the block..

    Hi everyone. I am a mapper who is now starting modelling and I am making my new projects for ESF as it is better than DMZ's 1.7 (only time will tell if 1.8 is better). First thing's first, request any map/model you want me to make as my curren't project lists are empty (I don't know how to model...
  5. D

    Gohan thingies

    first of all hello everyone, i'm new to the game and forums. I realy like dbz/gt and the game is great. I do have a few questions about gohan tho. 1) Why does he say "power beam" instead of "Masenko" when firing his masenko beam. 2) Blasts, disks and lasers aren't affected by...
  6. Akhkaru

    UV Maps

    Vassago, LW7 UV Maps Ok, I wanna learn to skin, and I think I have a slight clue... But I really need to know haw to do the UV map thingies...