1. The Deco

    PS trans thingie

    While I ps and I want to trans I can trans (Thats good xD) But if like, I look sideways and then trans then my characters animation is continuing the PSing animation but he shows the character looking sideways.
  2. Mobius ^^

    Beam trans thingie

    So this has been on my mind for quite some time, and now i finally remembered to post the question. Are you going to have the abillity to transform while in a beam struggle? cause you know that's cool. :cool:
  3. S

    Who you gonna call ?

    Hi guys here is a map I have been working on lately :-), just trying to get the hang of some urban mapping. The level is heavy WIP still but you can start to get the feel of it :-). All C&C are welcome thanks for your interested :-)
  4. K

    wu_bigarena debut

    Well, I've been finished with this map for ages, and I just decided to let you guys have it. Be warned that it's very high polys, and could even fry your video card ;) There are 4 hidden senzu bean places. I also used my modified version of the hull file so the senzu beans aren't underground...
  5. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Q3 model

    ok i know this isnt, dbz but dont flame me for it, ill get back to working on dbz after i finish this. Just wondered what you thought of it, C&C welcome :) and another (ps its just over 1900 polys)
  6. Akhkaru

    UV Maps

    Vassago, LW7 UV Maps Ok, I wanna learn to skin, and I think I have a slight clue... But I really need to know haw to do the UV map thingies...