1. S

    Platenic Thick Brows ( Rock Lee ) WIP

    Im making a Rock Lee model pbp, im not so good at pbp, but im hoping 2 finish this 1. These are the ref pics i used Greetz Ran-D
  2. S

    new vegeta edit! (freazer sga)

    well i did this for 1.0 at first and converted it along with the rest of my edits ^_^ any way credits to brollman for the saiyan armerd vegeta turks and mastasurf for the vegeta model/skin any way said tomuch here is some nice piccys for ya^_^ also i got bored and made an ssj with...
  3. Ness

    DBZ Capsule Map

    Dus ne1 know where I can find the DBZ capsule map? I saw it on 1 of the servers but wen I tried 2 download it off the server it keeps freezing.
  4. S

    another bojack trunks

    a good bojack trunks! ok i made a bojack trunks out of the majin vegeta model and the orig trinks. and i used brollmans ssj trunks head. i would show pics but my uploaders is under maintainence. can i send the pic anthe model to someone so they can host it. and i changed the burnig attack...
  5. God Gundam

    ghp ssj3 goku wip

    here is ghp ssj 3 goku, comments crits would be nice
  6. Logan4434

    SSJ2 Goku

    i have edited the original goku's hair to make an SSJ2 are pics: ok now i know some of you are wondering where to dl this and why am i working on this if Tapion isnt answer this Tapion is being finished by a friend.i will see about goku i am having trouble with the...
  7. DiebytheSword

    More fun from your freindly ancient horror.

    )V(ajin Vegeta . . . again.
  8. Cold Steel

    about the freeza form 2 model

    Yo metrotek your model looks great (here comes the but),but his head is to thick and the horns should go a little more to the sides before they go up.and those shoulder plates should be a little bit more on top of his shoulders instead of on the sides owk???For the rest i tink the model...