1. MrPlow

    Websites containing Windows XP themes?

    So yah i'm lookin to change my windows look a bit so i'm lookin for some themes. However most of the "theme" websites which google throws up are infested with viruses,spyware and such so i'm wonderin can any one of ya help me find a normal website?
  2. Skyrider

    New Forum Themes? You choose!

    Since no one participated in the last forum theme competition and some wanted a new black theme, I'm giving you the opportunity to search and to request one as well. I'm going to keep it short as I'm heading out. So, Black Themes?
  3. dan_esf_fanatic

    Installing custom themes.

    Alright, I downloaded some custom themes for XP off Deviantart, but can't seem to activate them. Now, it worked for me before I formatted my disk, and LegendarY helped me with it, said I needed some sort of patch for it, otherwise it wouldn't work. He also said it had something to do with...
  4. Rayos

    Ending themes *Best, Worst, Classic*

    It is a poll but i don't want to leave out any so i'll just edit this post constantly with how many think it is a good ending. I don't know about you guys but almost every Inuyasha ending i listen to seems like an old fashion anime closer. Makes you feel like the story is over and that you...
  5. elcor


    hello i am new in this forum , i like esf , i play much ,i like themes for esf 1.2.3 (soory for my english is bad i am spain) i see in much images of the forum that the people have themes of esf were put the hp and ki . please help me. saludos para los espa?oles. :cool:
  6. .Maze

    Windows Desktop Themes WITHOUT an extra Prog ?

    Hi. Is there any way to use some Desktop Themes without an extra Program ? Like WindowsBlinds and StyleXP ? I once had an Taskbar called "Royality" or somehow like this. It changed the look of my Taskbar and the BG but i didnt used an extra Program for this. And now im searching for the Way...
  7. Skyrider

    Forum Themes?

    Is there anyway this forum can have new themes / skins? On FileFront forums i've noticed new skins, tons of them. The point is i wanted a new fancy look, since you get bored with the same thing over and over again. Just like food, if you eat the same food everyday. The taste will be bad. So, I...
  8. L

    Any good Windows XP themes?

    Post your suggested WinXP themes here =O
  9. Goten-son

    Windows Themes

    just wondering if anyone can point out any good sites with windows xp themes without installing another shell program to run it.....if it comes ot that with a theme i like then i will lol but can anyone post some sites i can find some good themes at....atm im currently looking for a Super Mario...
  10. Jugo

    desktop themes

    where can i get some cool desktop themes for windows xp ? i saw some cool themes in this thread, and i wanna know where to get 'em, on how to put them on
  11. NinJa HunteR

    Deskto Themes.

    Hi, Is there any good web page to download nice themes?. Thanks.
  12. S

    xp themes

    im getting quite angry, ive been searching for a good xp theme for a long long long time, im not gonna make my own cuz im too lazy (so sue me). anyways, all i see from theme sites, is the same crappy thing, in crappy different colours, wen i find sumthin i like, i download it, only to find...
  13. Anty

    Searching for GOOD XP Anime Themes

    I was just wondering where everyone gets their nice backgrounds and themes from. Because I'm still searching for a GOOD Cowboy Bebop and other themes for XP with nice start bars and all very GOOD... but I can't find them anywhere....:p Maybe I'm not searching in the right places... Well... Where...
  14. X

    Windows XP Themes

    Anyone know any good sites where I can download themes for WinXP where I can completeley change the Taskbar and options?
  15. Jaredster

    Desktop Themes.

    Anyone know a good site for desktop themes?