1. T

    ESF / Semi-Realistic Texturing advice??

    I've used your search to look up tutorials or past threads/post about this issue, some are way to old and links are broken, or i'm blind and just can't look in the right place. The ESF style and other texture artist as Enix / GodGundamn both texture the way that catches my eye. Are there any new...
  2. God Gundam

    For a bit of fun and to practice my texturing.....

    Im currently working on this!.... this is a comparison of the 2 meshes, as you can see the new one is much cleaner D=, But still needs tweaking, oh well, back to work T_T
  3. Enix

    [WIP] MGS4 Raiden (texturing)

    Started texturing the raiden model I have been working on lately:
  4. R

    I scream for strawberry icecream while texturing starscream

    blocking out the basics 1991 tris 2 512*2 maps self illum screengrabs
  5. J

    Help on Character Texturing.

    I've looked everywhere, I can't find anything on this. If anyone knows any sites/tuts/anything on gaining knowledge on this, please post.
  6. TeKNiK

    Texturing for dummies.. wha?

    http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?threadid=392677 Something I ran across today at cgtalk. Pretty nice considering it's free! Nice little article that's definately worth a look if you wish to improve your texturing skills.
  7. Suh Dude

    Plane texturing help?

    Okay, I got a membership to Lynda and I can't find the tutorial to make planes and add a texture to it so I can follow the drawing. I'm using 3D Studio Max, and I don't know how to add texture to it. I know it sounds noobish but I don't want to download 141MB tutorials of how to use Max. Can...
  8. TeKNiK

    Texturing Guile

    Finally getting around to Texturing that guile model :). Close up /o/ Still pretty Work in Progress. Oh and the face is kinda pixely because the whole model is going on 1 512x512 skinmap thus nothing can be overly big on the map. Comments would be greatly appreciated.
  9. S


    Can someone tell me where can I find a tutorial about texturing a 3D mesh ?
  10. S

    Texturing Across Seams :-s [email protected]

    Hi guys, I'm attempting to uvwmap my models a little differently and its presenting some troubles. Just wandering how you guys would tackle a uvwmap like this.