1. GokuSS

    Any beta testers?

    Will be there any beta testers? I've seen before you guys chose people, but why no more beta testers? :-/
  2. Zhaireoly

    Is it to late to have more Beta Testers?

    The reason i asked is becuz,I wanna b one of the game testers too, i've seen all of the gameplays and all of them were awesome. And i didn't wanna ask what time the final is coming out.That,I thought it would b offensive. But anyway can I b a beta tester
  3. Grega

    Team Looking for Open Beta Testers

    Ladies and gentlemen! Its time for an announcement from me XD Well due to some reasons and there only being 4 actual official beta testers, its time for recruitment. So we are asking YOU, thats right everyone on this forum who thinks who can helps, to apply. The Development team will then...
  4. Skyrider

    Open Beta Download :: Need Testers.

    Hey everyone, I was hoping you guys could test something for me. It is quite easy and you don't have to do much at all. Some of you are having problems downloading from the FileFront/HL2Files website. Either too slow, or can't download at all. That is why I added the Open Beta on Crosus as...
  5. Theoboy

    Beta testers .. when ?

    Okay I have wondered. Does the beta testers decide a room from, example between 13:00 and 15:00 they can test/play 1.3 or can they test/play it whenever they want?
  6. Z

    New beta testers, what will you do first ^^

    no one has been picked yet/sent comfirmation. just want to know what will be the first thing u try out when u make it ^_^ :laff:
  7. ZeroNightmare

    When will testers be notified?

    I want to know, i think everyone else does, what time today? I live in iowa USA, and will we be notified via email or will it be listed, because some people might have some funky junk filter, or will we be pm'd? I'm anctious to see if i made it in :)
  8. B

    Beta Testers

    You know, I just realised that in any of the versions that have been up-and-coming over the past couple of years, I've never seen or heard anything about "leaked" versions. I guess that says something about the beta testers then? like nice job? Or does pcjoe and harsens put evil virus' or...
  9. [ESF]zero

    Large inteam test-team vs. testers

    Today was the first of the large inteam test that we will be having over the next few week and all i have to say is wow. We did a tester vs team........team lost. Yep we were beaten like ugly step children, but it was hella fun. I really think u guys are gonna enjoy this stuff. Not sure if...
  10. samurai^Kurai

    Cell Shading Addon Beta Testers needed

    we need some beta tester for Cell Shading Addon, if you are interested go to our site and join the forum for nearer informations check our site - www.gruppe-z.tk - (its hosted on lycos at the moment but we are working on an new site so sorry for so much advertising)
  11. Mr. Satans

    Earthbound Art Contesht

    w00t! An art conest! We're looking for an Earthbound themed banner (780 Wide X 130 High) and/or a small link button, which can be animated. So basically this contest has 2 parts; one for the banner and one for the small link button. Which means one person could win the banner contest and...
  12. CM

    Beta Testers Needed - Project: Total Conversion

    Project: Total Conversion, my total conversion pack for ESF (with the help of quite a few other people of course) will have a beta-tester-exclusive beta version soon. I need some beta testers so i can be notified of errors and bugs in animations, skins and sprites. If you wish to try, PM me with...
  13. W

    We have the technology, we can rebuild esf_mid...

    Since I didn't hear anything on the other thread I mentioned this on, I figured I'd post it to the main Mapping forum instead of just Help, and see if anyone notices it here instead. :-) Yes, that's ESF_Mid, everyone's favorite checkerboard map, in the process of being rebuilt as close...
  14. NightShade

    A testers view on esf :)

    Testing beta 1 was great. It was hard finding the bugs glad we found most of them *i put most on there* I want you guys to know what i think about beta after playing alot of you guys. For starters. I love the melee. Yes it is hard to master. Yes it is hard to control. But dbz is anything...
  15. V

    Beta 1 - teaser

    It's obvious who this is, so it's not much of a "teaser" as it is a preview. I still have a bit more to do to this bad boy though:
  16. S

    Beta Testers?

    :S ok i see all these picks of screen shots on the new version of ESF but what i never saw is teh people that are testing this new verion O_O i want to know how to test this thing.
  17. V

    Beta testers needed for Earth League

    just reply if u are interested :)
  18. SierraSonic

    Great idea for sigs!!!

    Why dont we look under what it says under the "off-topic" forum before we post sig tests in the "artwork" forum. I think this is by far the BEST idea for sig testers.